About us

In 1962, the young Ignazio de Ruvo, an olive-grower since several generations, founds his oil-mill Frantoio De Ruvo,passing on his land passion to his son Nicola.

LTHE DE RUVO FARM cultivates the Olives according to the Ancient Italian olive-growing tradition and in strict compliance with Italian and EU laws. Nicola de Ruvohas loved these plants since hischildhood and he learned cultivation techniques from his parents,following the customary practices handed down from ancient and expert generations.

He refined the plowingprocedures, applying the best pruning techniques and taking care of the plants with love, to make them live luxuriantly.

The oil of the Frantoio de Ruvo is not just a simple extra virgin, but it is a high-quality extravirgin olive oil, with low acidity and very high properties. The best harvesting system is the manual one.

Nicola decides the right olives-harvesting-time: he doesn’t wait for the olives-fall after ripening, but they are harvested directly from the tree in the traditional way.

The harvest begins when the olives reach the optimal ripening point: when the olive is about to turn dark,but still partlygreen. At this point the olives have a lower yield, as they produce less oil than they could, but the product has a much higher quality.

The best olives are selected, discarding those with slight imperfections.
On average, they are pressed in 24 hours to maintain the freshness and purity, preserving the Puglia’s fragrance and flavor forever.

Nicola de Ruvo


THE DE RUVO FARM cultivates the olive trees according to the ancient olive-growing Italian tradition and instrict compliance with Italian and EU laws.


All our oil is cold extracted and has a very low acidity: 0,1 – 0,2 maximum. The maximum
limit for extra virgin oil is 0,8. Ours oil belong to the extra virgin range of the highest quality.

Cold extraction

Olive-oil production always takes place within 48 hours (generally 24) from harvesting, which is handmadeand never allows the olives to come into contact with the ground. In fact, immediately after harvesting, the olives are deposited in caissons and then stored in olive grove waiting for the oil production, which always occurs within maximum 2 days (but in 90% of cases after just one day). Ours oil is cold extracted. The oil-production process is monitored and recorded by a thermometer that prevents the temperature of the olive paste from exceeding 27 degrees during any transformations phase.