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Our oils fruity character is a quality guarantee. A commercial oil with a flat taste is unlikely originated from extra virgin olive oils, as it could be the result of adifferent foreign origin oils mixture..

An oil drop makes the nutrition healthier. This ancient and
truthful nutritional principle inspires the company philosophy of
Frantoio De Ruvo, which for several generations deals with a
high-quality extra virgin olive oil production.

Favored by a Mediterranean climate, essential for a healthy
cultivation of the olive tree, the farm is daily dedicated to a
several hectares olivegrowing.

Oil extracted cold

The extra virgin olive oilis obtained by cold extraction that
protects its taste and aroma. The processing techniquesused to
obtain the oil are typical of the high-quality extra virgin olive oil
production: the olives, after their harvesting with manual
method, are collected in caissons of about 3.5 quintals and
followed by the extractions processwhich starts within 24 hours
from the harvest. In this way the product low acidity is
respected. It is available in 1lt bottles, 0.75lt, 0.50lt and in 5lt
PET bottles.

Pitted oil

The extra-virgin olive oil is extracted by olive pulp only. ItIs obtained through a special and innovative oil-production process, still using the cold extraction. The olives are deprived of their own stoneby using a special machine and that happens just before the extraction phase where only the pulp is sent. The process is activated on freshly picked and selected olives, guaranteeing a greater perfume and a better roundness in taste, without any“woody” taste that it would have been felt if the stone would have included during the extraction phase. The product is available in 1liter bottles, 0.75lt or 0.50lt.

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